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Welcome to our Webportal Help Guide!

Follow our step-by-step instructions on how to create links and customise your webpage

In this step-by-step instruction manual, we will show you how to:
--> add all your bookmarks quickly and easily to your Webportal (depending on your chosen screen size, you can store at least 80 website links on each screen);
--> organise your related bookmarks into "link groups" within a folder (this will make them even easier to find!);
--> we will also show you how to create separate folders (very useful if 2 or more of you share the same PC); and
--> we will show you how to personalise the overall look of your Webportal to make it pleasant on the eye.

Have a good look at the webportal's edit tools below, as you will be using these to set it up properly:

Let's get started...!

How to create a Folder
When you first log into your new Webportal a folder already exists called "First Tab". You will want to rename this to something that's more meaningful to you (e.g. Your name).

1. Click the EDIT MODE button (the pencil on pad icon), which is located in the bottom right corner of your Webportal.

2. On the top toolbar, click the MODIFY button (the pencil icon). A box will appear on your Webportal asking you to rename the Folder's tab, currently labeled "First tab".

3. Give this Folder a new name (e.g. "Paul", "Work Related", "Fun stuff", etc), and then click the UPDATE button.

4. Click the EDIT MODE button again. Your new Folder is now ready to add bookmarks to!

[Suggestion: To create more than one Folder, then repeat steps 1 to 3 for each one.]

How to create bookmarks
[TIP: Open your Bookmark Window so that you can see your bookmarks store in the browser. Looking over your bookmarks carefully, start thinking about how you might arrange them into groups/themes. This will make them easier to find once you start using your Webportal.]

1. To begin with, click the large green button and a box will pop-up on your Webportal asking you to enter details about the new bookmark in your new group.
[NB: The name you give your bookmark must be a minimum of 2 characters in length, otherwise the bookmark won't be created.]

2. Fill in the 3 fields, and then click the ADD LINK button. Do you see your new bookmark in the top left corner of your folder?

You have just created your first bookmark and first group. Well done!

3. To add new bookmarks to this group, start by clicking the EDIT MODE button and then click the small green + sign on the editbar, which sits above the group.

4. To create a new group of bookmarks, simply repeat steps 1 to 3 above.

How to organise the bookmarks in your Webportal
There are 2 main tools available for organising your groups of bookmarks. To utilise them, you must click the EDIT MODE button to bring up the editbars that sit above each group.

The Move tool: This is the left-most button on the editbar. You can move each group of bookmarks around in your folder with this useful tool. Simply click on it once and then move your cursor without holding down your mouse button. The group of website links will move with your cursor. When you have chosen a suitable location for the group, click the space on the right side of the editbar to deactivate the move tool.

The Sort tool: This tool is the right-most button on the editbar. With this tool you can alphabetise all your groups' bookmarks from top to bottom. This is particularly useful when you have a group of links that have similar names (e.g. Banking ANZ, Banking NAB, Banking WBC, etc).

How to modify the bookmarks in your Webportal
There are 2 tools available for modifying your bookmarks. These appear on the right hand side of all your bookmarks, when you are in EDIT MODE.

The Edit tool (the pencil icon): This tool allows you to change the name, website address, or how you want to view the website page when you select it.

The Delete tool (the red x icon): This tool allows you to delete bookmarks completely.
NB: If you click this button that is also available in the editbar, you'll delete your whole group of bookmarks!

I hope you have found this User Guide helpful, and that you enjoy surfing the Internet with our Webportal.

If you have any questions/suggestions/complaints/other, please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime by email:

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